Craft of Code

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June 19th – June 23rd 2017

Craft of Code Camp Picture
Goofy Craft of Code Camp Picture (on Noyce Steps)

As a research student of GLIMMER Labs (the Grinnell Laboratory for Interactive Multimedia Experimentation and Research), I was fortunate to finally obtain “the summer camp experience,” albeit from the perspective of a counselor. In developing and running this camp, the 2017 GLIMMER team continued an ongoing exploration on the effects of different approaches to computer science in providing a more inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds. The Craft of Code camp was specifically devised to foster computer science learning early on and increase the accessibility of coding within the Grinnell community.

The Craft of Code Summer Camp targeted 4th and 5th grade students, giving them a fun and interactive introduction to coding through programming challenges and art projects. Campers learned to work with ScratchTurtle Stitch, and Beetle Blocks in order to explore  the intersection between art and code as well as gain an understanding of computer science.

My specific contributions to the camp include:

  • outlining the camp’s “big picture” projects and learning goals
  • the development and implementation of Beetle Blocks curriculum
  • the development and implementation of an introduction to Functions
  • testing curriculum made by other GLIMMER researchers
  • being a counselor group leader of “The Howling Wolves” / “Hal’s Hippos” (the group name was a contested issue)
  • helping campers debug their code across all projects / activities
  • designing personalized graduation certificates for all of the campers
  • developing the camp logo