Data for Social Good

July 24th – July 28th 2017

V.J. T.H.E.A.R.T. Scavenger Hunt Group Picture (in Noyce Elevator)

This is the second summer camp developed by the 2017 GLIMMER (Grinnell Laboratory for Interactive Multimedia Experimentation and Research) team. Similar to the Craft of Code Camp, this camp was designed to examine on the effects of different approaches to computer science in providing a more inclusive programming experience for students from all backgrounds. Additionally, the camp aimed to continue fostering computer science learning early on by increasing the accessibility of coding within the Grinnell community.

The Data for Social Good Summer Camp targeted middle school students, giving them a fun and interactive introduction to coding through programming challenges and data science. At the beginning of the week, campers learned coding basics using Micro:bits and BlockPy. As the week progressed, campers switched to programming in Python using Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib libraries in Jupyter. By the end of the week, camper pairs coded projects that analyzed the issues that they were passionate about (examples: deforestation, tigers, alien sightings) so that they could share their findings with friends and family. Overall, the camp encouraged participants to look at the social applications of computing as well as how sharing information could impact their communities.

Samuel Rebelsky’s musing about the camp:
Grinnell Herald-Register Data for Social Good Article

My specific contributions to the camp include: