Facing Homelessness

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June 2013 – June 2016

Marli (left) and I (right) modeling “new” t-shirts | April 2014

Facing Homelessness is a local nonprofit organization which educates the community about the harsh realities and beautiful victims of homelessness. My involvement in the group was nothing short of enlightening. My decision to expand Facing Homelessness’ visibility by reposting Facebook content to Google Plus has taught me about commitment and management. Presenting the reality of living on the streets to my classmates has given me experience speaking in front of large audiences. Creating my own role to help expose public misconceptions of homelessness has made my contributions rewarding.

The importance of active participation has manifested itself in many of my endeavors, but never as rapidly as it did in Facing Homelessness. Helping the small Facebook page grow into a full-fledged 5013c non-profit and aiding its development of a new approach to “face homelessness” has profoundly shaped my perspective of community and citizenship.

This experience has helped me realize that investing myself without reserve leads to the most meaningful results. It has also helped me discover that I am the type of person to latch onto an issue and make it a part of me.

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