Microsoft High School Summer Internship

June – August 2016

My Microsoft high school summer internship introduced me to eight hour workdays, weekly stand-up meetings, and the structuring corporate hierarchies of a large company. During my time with the SiGMa Quality Team, I not only gained insights on how to manage my time but also how to navigate the numerous resources, opportunities, demands, emails and acronyms confronting full-time employees.

The SiGMa Quality Team was introduced to me as the team that helped manage the pop-up Game bar connected to Windows 10’s Xbox App. Specifically, they focused on the game clip recording feature associated with the command Win+G. My role for the summer was closely tied to the clips resulting from that recording feature. Over the course of eight weeks, I prototyped media editing features for the Xbox App’s Game DVR. My demo allowed users to edit the clips that they had taken during game-play before sharing them with friends. For the first part of the summer, I spent much of my time learning about the Xbox App code, MediaComposition API,  and IBasicVideoEffect interface in order to ensure that my contributions fit the overarching structure of the preexisting app. At the end of the summer, I had implemented clip stitching, zoom, and muted slow-mo features as well as both audio and video overlays. By presenting the convenience of adding media editing features as well as the demand for them to the Xbox App team, I helped make a case for the formal development of similar features in a future release.